CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Sr. Hockey Shoulder Pads

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CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro Sr Shoulder Pads - Unleash Elite Protection in 2023 Discover the cutting-edge 2023 CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro Shoulder Pads, offering elite protection and unmatched breathability in a lightweight, agile design.
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Explore the latest for the 2023 season - the CCM Jetspeed FT6 PRO Shoulder Pads. CCM has overhauled their protective line, crafting them to deliver maximum breathability in a highly mobile, lightweight, yet dependable protective package. Players will experience a sensation of lightness and coolness without compromising on protection. The standout feature of the FT6 Pro shoulder pads, setting them apart from previous models, is the all-new Aer-Tec thermoregulation system. This system enhances air circulation, sweat evaporation, and regulation of body heat. All these elements contribute to a faster cooling of the body's core temperature, assisting players in staying cool and making quicker, better decisions when it matters most. In the construction of the Jetspeed FT6 Pro Shoulder Pads, CCM adopts a maximum lightweight full exposed foam-only design, optimized to safeguard elite players. Maximum ventilation is integrated for cooling, ensuring both the body and gear stay light throughout the game. The low-profile fit offers a close-to-the-body feel, providing superior freedom of movement. Paired with ultra-light Ufoam constructed shoulder caps, these pads deliver solid protection in a lightweight package. Moving down the arm to the biceps, CCM utilizes high-density molded foam guards with large ventilation ports for maximum cooling, keeping the body dry. The inclusion of length adjustment ensures a customized fit on the arm. In the torso, CCM incorporates more of their premier vented Zotefoam protection, striking the perfect balance between lightweight design and protection. An Aer-Tec suspension system optimizes ventilation in the torso and back. The Jetspeed FT6 Pro Shoulder Pads also feature a hybrid shield sternum and spine protection with ventilated ports. Compressed molded HD foams provide elite levels of protection and breathability, combined with HD plastics for high-caliber protection. At the top, floating clavicle coverage with HD molded foams ensures lightweight coverage. For the liner of the Jetspeed FT6 Pro Shoulder Pads, CCM adopts a unique liner-free design, allowing closed-cell Zotefoam to do its job without absorbing sweat and weighing you down. This is complemented by the Aer-Tec suspended mesh liner, creating maximum ventilation for cooling and evaporation. If you are an elite-level player seeking lightweight, highly protective, and mobile shoulder pads, the CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Shoulder Pads are the ideal choice.
Brand CCM
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: The chest measurement should be taken from just below the arm pits. Match the player's chest size to the shoulder pad that corresponds. Also take into consideration the level of play. Shoulder pads should fit snugly while the vital tips of the shoulder must be properly under the shoulder caps. The bicep pads should not interfere with the player's elbow pads. If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing shoulder pads, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

CCM Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart
Senior Storlek Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 34 - 37 86 - 94 5'4" - 5'7" 163 - 170
Medium 37 - 40 94 - 102 5'7" - 5'10" 170 - 178
Large 40 - 43 102 - 108 5'10" - 6'2" 178 - 188
X-Large 43 - 46 108 - 117 6'0" + 183 +
Junior Storlek Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 28 - 30 71 - 76 4'4" - 4'8" 132 - 142
Medium 30 - 32 76 - 81 4'8" - 5'2" 142 - 157
Large 32 - 35 81 - 89 5'2" - 5'6" 157 - 168
Youth Storlek Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 23 58 3'4" 102
Medium 23 - 25 58 - 64 3'4" - 4'0" 102 - 122
Large 25 - 28 64 - 71 4'0" - 4'4" 122 - 132
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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