Bauer Coach Board

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Develop your coaching with the Bauer Ice Hockey Coach Board – a premium tool for ice hockey coaches. Complete with a dry erase marker, it allows easy play and strategy diagrams. Meticulously designed for versatility, one side covers the rink's mid-section, while the reverse spans the full ice length. Compact at 16" x 11", equipped with a handy clip, it keeps you organized during intense coaching sessions. Boost your coaching skills and team success with this travel-friendly companion.
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Elevate your coaching game with the Bauer Ice Hockey Coach Board, a must-have tool for every ice hockey coach. This premium coach board comes complete with a convenient dry erase marker, ensuring you can diagram plays and strategies with ease. Designed to meet the needs of discerning ice hockey coaches, this board boasts a versatile layout. One side is meticulously marked from the red line to the boards, offering a comprehensive view of the rink. Flip it over, and you'll find the other side spanning the full length of the ice, providing an expansive canvas. Equipped with a handy clip for securing any necessary papers, this coach board is not only practical but also organized, allowing you to keep essential documents close at hand during intense coaching sessions.

Compact and travel-friendly, the Bauer Ice Hockey Coach Board measures 16 inches by 11 inches, making it the perfect companion. Enhance your coaching prowess and ensure your team's success with this top-notch ice hockey coach board.

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