Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Jr. Hockey Shoulder Pads

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Elevate Your Game with Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Jr Hockey Shoulder Guards Introducing Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Shoulder Guards, a 2022 release crafted for elite-level players in search of top-tier safety within a featherweight design. The flex-friendly Ventaprene vest ensures agility and speed, while SHOCKLite foam reinforcement enhances sternum and spine protection. Aerolite 2.0 on the shoulders absorbs shocks, and the EXO-Lite bicep coverage guarantees comprehensive defense. Stay cool with the THERMOCORE ZERO liner. Elevate your performance on the ice with Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Hockey Shoulder Guards.
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Brand new for 2022 is Vapor Hyperlite shoulder protection from Bauer. Bauer has designed these to offer elite-level protection while giving you the lightest protection package on the market.

At the front, the Ventaprene vest is made to flex with your body, and it gives you the ultimate freedom of movement while keeping you light, which gives you the opportunity to be as fast as possible on the ice. Bauer has also included a liquid sternum protection that has been reinforced with SHOCKLite foam. This increases protection without adding any extra weight to this crucial area. The Venataprene vest continues around the back to help increase your mobility. Integrated in the vest is a ribbed blind to protect you around while breathing. One of the most crucial areas to protect is the spine, and Bauer has included a floating back protection with SHOCKLite foam inserts to strengthen and protect this area. On the shoulders you will find Aerolite 2.0 which helps to absorb shocks from collisions. Around the biceps is an EXO-Lite protection in one piece with a built-in sleeve fit. Bauer is upgrading its liner and using the new THERMOCORE ZERO liner. This liner is treated to handle sweat and odors while giving a fresh feeling throughout the match. In addition, it helps keep you cool when you skate.

If you are an elite level hockey player looking for maximum protection in an ultralight package, check out the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite.
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: The chest measurement should be taken from just below the arm pits. Match the player's chest size to the shoulder pad that corresponds. Also take into consideration the level of play. Shoulder pads should fit snugly while the vital tips of the shoulder must be properly under the shoulder caps. The bicep pads should not interfere with the player's elbow pads. If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing shoulder pads, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

Bauer Shoulder Pad Sizing Chart
Senior Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Medium 38 - 42 97 - 107 5'7 - 5-11 170 - 180
Large 40 - 44 102 - 112 5'9 - 6'1 175 - 185
X-Large 42 - 46 107 - 117 5'11 - 6'5 180 - 195
Intermediate Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Medium 28 - 32 71 - 81 4'10 - 5'5 147 - 165
Large 32 - 40 81 - 102 5'5 - 5'9 165 - 175
Junior Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 24 - 26 61 - 66 4'2 - 4'8 127 - 142
Medium 26 - 28 66 - 71 4'7 - 4'11 140 - 150
Youth Chest (inches) Chest (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 20 - 22 51 - 56 3'0 - 3'6 91 - 107
Medium 22 - 23 56 - 61 3'5 - 3'11 104 - 119
Large 23 - 25 59 - 64 3'10 - 4'5 117 - 135
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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