Edge Again Manual Skate Sharpener 3mm

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Keep your steels sharp with the manual hand sharpener from Edge Again.
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Never stress again over a lost edge. With patented diamond coated tusk technology, Edge Again can be applied directly to a dry or wet blade, whenever it’s needed. Using a simple back and forth motion across the blade, you can stay sharpest when it matters.


Before using Edge Again, please read about the following features:

On/Off Switch – Pressing the raised button on either side will switch the motor on or off.
Charging Jack – Connect the charger plug to the jack.
Skate Guide Channel – Place the blade into the skate channel to sharpen.
Sharpening Diamond Tusk Insert (Replaceable) – This is the abrasive component that is used to sharpen the skate blade.


To repair a damaged edge, place the skate blade in the skate guide channel. Hold the skate and the unit firmly. Turn the unit on by pressing one of the switches located on either side. Slide the unit back and forth across the blade.

Note: Be aware that the sharpening insert does the work to repair the damaged edge. Applying excessive pressure does not improve Edge Again’s sharpening performance.

Keep the unit parallel to the skate blade. Do not tilt the unit. Ensure the unit is seated completely against the skate blade.

Note: The sharpening insert will wear with repeated use. For optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the insert after using it on 25-30 pairs.

The maximum recommended run time for the unit is 30 seconds. Allow the unit to cool for at least 1 minute after each use.


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