CCM Tacks 580 Sr. Hockey Gloves

Level: Performance
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Explore the exceptional comfort and reliable protection of CCM Tacks 580 Sr Hockey Gloves. This glove variant prioritizes comfort while still delivering satisfactory protection within its price range. If you're in search of a hockey glove that focuses on providing superior comfort, look no further – the CCM Tacks 580 is the ideal choice for you.
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Brand new for 2022, CCM renews its Tacks protection line. With the support of science, the Tacks protection has been tested and validated in the well-known CCM lab to ensure quality and functionality. With updates in design, protection and comfort aspects, CCM Tacks 580 are designed to offer good protection while improving comfort and control.

For the construction, CCM has a new anatomical shield design at a competitive level. ASD puts protection first, provides good comfort and an adaptable fit. ASD is designed to offer competitive protection. These gloves are a very mobile and spacious design along with great technology to keep your hands comfortable and ready for play. A segmented Flexmotion open cuff was used on the Tacks 580. This shorter open anatomical cuff provides greater freedom of movement while keeping you protected. This is together with a sublimated lining inside the cuff which is a superior lining. The fingers on the Tacks 580 offer protection of the highest caliber with a design that enables increased freedom of movement, dexterity and durability. This is achieved with double density foam with PE plastic inserts. The index fingers of the gloves will offer a 3-part construction for optimized movement and control and the thumb uses the Pro-Flex technology, which is a two-part construction, which further improves the player's grip and feeling! Tacks 580 has a Nash palm with Nash reinforcements. This palm gives an improved feeling, plus extra durability to protect against wear. The rear hand of the Tacks 580 has impact protection at the competition level with the D30 in the knuckles. This means that the gloves have good shock protection while retaining an elegant professional-inspired look. For the interior, Tacks 580 uses a laminated lining with PU cushion foam. This gives the player a soft and comfortable feeling throughout the inside of the glove.

If you are a player looking for a high level of protection and comfort in your equipment, check out the CCM Tacks 580!
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