Sustainability and ethics

Climate, environment and working conditions throughout the production process are important areas for Monkeysports.

Production that meets the requirements of ethical guidelines, environment and product safety.
When you shop at Monkeysports, you should be able to trust that the products you buy are safe for both you and our employees who handle them.
Not least, you should feel confident that even the people who work in the factories where the goods are manufactured have good working conditions,
with a production that meets the requirements of environment, safety and ethical guidelines.

Monkeysports sets clear and unambiguous guidelines for how we work with sustainability and ethical themes at all levels.
This will ensure that our goods and production comply with both national and international requirements and regulations.
The working conditions in the factories where our goods are manufactured, content of chemicals in products,
how the products are labeled and how the product is transported are some of the areas where we place strict demands on our suppliers and producers.
In addition, Monkeysports works actively to get our suppliers to choose environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging.
Our routines for purchasing and checking goods are designed in such a way that we must meet the authorities' requirements and guidelines.

When Monkeysports receives products, we carry out a comprehensive internal control to ensure that the products we bring in meet the requirements set for the product.
We check the products with regard to labeling and packaging.
In order to succeed in influencing the environment, we have e.g. a purchasing strategy that leads to larger but fewer incoming deliveries and we refuse suppliers to send individual packages and products to us.
We have also changed our strategy for packaging on the orders we send to you as a customer.
The strategy means that we increasingly reuse boxes that our orders have arrived with, when we send to you.
This is thus one of our measures to reduce climate impact.

At Monkeysports, we work to reduce the amount of packaging and to choose environmentally friendly and recycled materials.
The goal is to get both supplier and consumer to stop using plastic bags and instead steer towards environmentally friendly alternatives.

We make sure that our working conditions follow the highest of standards so that we can thus pressure and influence our suppliers to be at at least the same level - throughout the entire chain.

Monkeysports Europe strives to become the best in Europe in terms of environment and ethical work in ice hockey.
Through all implemented measures, new measures and continuous updating of our routines in line with new requirements and rule changes,
Monkeysports aims to be and remain Europe's largest and best hockey retailer by focusing on the environment and ethics.

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