Green Biscuit Top Shelf Targets Green 6" 4-Pack

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Green Biscuit Top Shelf Targets Green 6" 4-Pack - Elevate your accuracy and shot placement with Green Biscuit Top Shelf Targets. These perfect training targets are designed to help you refine your shots. Order your 4-pack of Green Biscuit Top Shelf Targets today and take a step toward more precise and effective shot placement!
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The Top Shelf Targets will help you take your hockey skills to the next level! This bundle includes 4 SNIPER targets (6? diameter). Practice your shot by yourself, with friends & with your team before the big game. The targets are an excellent training tool for all ages & all skill levels. They are manufactured using a high-quality impact-resistant plastic material durable enough to withstand even the toughest shots! 4 Green 6? Top Shelf Targets included! Quickly attach targets to any metal goal frame using the embedded neodymium magnets Practice your shot: Hit targets with a puck/ball. Great training tools, made for Beginners to Pros. Super durable construction. Makes playing and training convenient and fun

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