MonkeySports PriceMatch

(PriceMatch only applies within the European Union)

We strive to offer all customers the most famous brands and the best products with good prices. Therefore, we have now chosen to activate our "PriceMatch".

PriceMatch means that we match the best price and therefor strive to have a good price for our entire product range.

Important information about our PriceMatch.
The product needs to be of the same size/flex, color/angle, model, series
and must be in stock with the competitor you are comparing with for our PriceMatch to apply.

PriceMatch does not apply to products that are on promotion, sale, used as "advertised item", "seasonal clearance" or included in package offers.

You apply for PriceMatch as follows.

Contact us before your purchase and give us information about a lower price by sending a link on the product in question.
Send the email to: support(at)

We will get back to you with one of the following two options as a result of a PriceMatch request.
1. We match and change our price, then we notify you
2. One of the criteria is not followed and we have to deny price matching, then we will notify you.

You will receive a response within 24 hours on regular weekdays.

PriceMatch does not apply if you contact us after placing an order or have made a purchase. But as we care about you as a customer and strive for you to be satisfied,
we will give you a discount that you can use on future orders/purchases corresponding to the difference on the subsequently compared item,
provided that the criteria for PriceMatch are correct.

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