Green Biscuit Pro Training Puck

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Green Biscuit PRO Training Puck - Elevate your hockey skills with Green Biscuit PRO: Practice anytime, anywhere. Experience superior quality and enhance your technique with this advanced training puck.
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Train passes effectively with the Green Biscuit Pro Training Puck and witness your team winning more matches. Weighing less than a hockey puck, the Biscuit Pro mimics the genuine article on ice, especially with the added friction from concrete or asphalt. The surface doesn't have to be perfect for the Green Biscuit, but better surfaces result in better performance. The Green Biscuit glides smoothly on almost any rough surface, allowing you to play anywhere – driveways, parking lots, streets, basements, tennis courts, etc. Stays flat - won't tumble or flip. Contributes to developing the three primary shooting skills every hockey player needs: one-touch passes, toe drags, and flip passes. Side grip - get better contact and feel. Heavier weight for increased stability and a more realistic feel. Puck Weight: 4.8oz. GB Pro is not designed for shooting; it's a passing and stickhandling puck.

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