A Complete Guide to Hockey Goalie Equipment

Published 6th March 2024

Hockey Goalie Equipment List

Navigating the realm of hockey goalie equipment can feel overwhelming, but fear not – we're here to be your trusted companions. Join us as we break down each crucial component and optional accessory, providing expert insights to deepen your understanding. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to elevate your goaltending prowess, ensuring safety and amplifying the thrill of the game. Let's embark on this journey together, unraveling the intricacies of goalie gear to pave the way for a more confident and fulfilling experience guarding the net.

Goalie Mask/Helmet
Goalie Mask/Helmet
The goalie mask serves as a crucial piece of equipment for hockey goalies, providing both safety and an opportunity for personal expression through its design. Goalies can choose from a wide range of designs and materials, including fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polycarbonate, to find the perfect mask to suit their needs
Goalie Leg Pads
Goalie Leg Pads
Goalie leg pads are crucial for protecting goalies while providing the necessary coverage to block incoming shots. Crafted from lightweight materials and available in various sizes, they are indispensable gear for goalies of all levels
Goalie Blocker
Goalie Blocker
The goalie blocker is a vital piece of equipment that enhances net coverage and puck stops while securing the goalie stick. Constructed with high-performance materials, it offers comprehensive protection and control on the ice
Goalie Glove
Goalie Glove
The goalie glove, also known as the catcher glove, is a vital piece of hockey equipment that offers protection against pucks and allows goalies to stop play efficiently
Goalie Chest Protector
Goalie Chest Protector
The goalie chest protector, also known as the "chest and arm" guard, offers crucial upper body protection for goalies, ensuring enhanced safety and performance
Goalie Pants
Goalie Pants
Goalie pants provide specialized and essential coverage for the goalie's hip and upper leg regions, serving as a protective alternative to standard ice hockey player pants. Unlike skater pants, goalie pants offer enhanced protection across the front, hip, and inner thigh areas, prioritizing goalie safety on the ice. Available in a wide range of sizes from Youth to Senior, these pants are designed to accommodate goalies of all ages and sizes, ensuring optimal comfort and protection for every player.
Goalie Stick
Goalie Stick
While the goalie's stick may not offer the same level of protection as other gear, its significance cannot be overlooked. Held in the dominant blocker hand, the stick is vital for extending net coverage, ensuring stability on the ice, and deflecting shots. Modern sticks are primarily made from composite materials, similar to those used in player sticks. However, some goalies opt for traditional wood or foam core constructions. Understanding the goalie stick's role is essential for optimizing performance and defense on the ice.
Goalie Skates
Goalie Skates
Goalie skates stand out as a customized essential for the position, providing notable benefits compared to standard player skates. With flatter, lower-profile blades, these skates offer exceptional stability, complemented by specialized 'cowling' for added protection around the boot. In contemporary production, innovative approaches include ditching the traditional cowling to reduce weight and integrating composite boot materials for optimal foot safety.
Goalie Bag
Goalie Bag
Explore the perfect storage solution for your goalie equipment - the goalie bag. Crafted to cater to the bulkier and more protective nature of goalie gear, these bags are spacious, robust, and built to last, offering unmatched durability compared to standard player bags. Whether you prefer wheeled or non-wheeled options, goalie bags provide both convenience and ample space to securely transport all your gear. Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to fit goalie equipment into a skater's bag, as goalie bags are designed specifically to address size constraints.
Goalie Cups/Jills
Goalie Cups/Jills
Goalie cups/jills offer vital protection for the groin area, with many NHL goalies opting for triple protection, highlighting the significance of safety in hockey
Goalie Neckguards
Goalie Neckguards
Goalie neck guards offer crucial protection against high-speed impacts, ensuring goaltenders can focus on their game without compromising safety
Goalie Kneeguards
Goalie Kneeguards
Goalie kneeguards are crucial for protecting goaltenders' knees during hockey gameplay, offering essential cushioning and support

Enhance Your Goalie Gear with Essential Accessories

While goalie pads and masks are vital for protection, additional accessories can further optimize your performance and comfort on the ice. At MonkeySports, we offer a comprehensive range of goalie accessories to complement your gear.

Leg Pad Accessories: Enhance performance and prolong the lifespan of your equipment with our collection of leg pad accessories. From knee straps to pad wraps, we have everything you need to keep your pads in top condition.

Wrist Guards: Protect against stick slashes and improve sweat absorption with our wrist guards, designed for goalie-specific needs. Stay comfortable and focused throughout the game with this essential accessory.

Suspenders and Garters: Keep your socks and knee guards securely in place during intense gameplay with our suspenders and garters. Designed for durability and reliability, these accessories ensure you can focus on making saves without distractions.

Helmet, Stick, and Skate Accessories: Complete your goalie setup with our wide range of helmet, stick, and skate accessories. Whether you need replacement hardware, stick tape, or new laces and blades, we have you covered.

Expert Guide: Sizing Hockey Goalie Equipment for Optimal Performance

When it comes to goalie equipment, proper sizing is paramount for safety and performance. Here's how to ensure the perfect fit for each essential piece:

Goalie Mask/Helmet:

Ensure a snug fit with no visible gaps between the forehead or cheeks.

Adjust the chin cup for a secure fit, minimizing any movement.

Check the backplate harness straps to prevent shifting.

Use manufacturer sizing guidelines based on hat size for accurate fitting.

Goalie Leg Pads:

Proper sizing is crucial for comfort and safety.

Look for pads that effectively protect the foot, leg, and lower thigh.

Goalie leg pads come in various sizes, typically varying by inch increments.

Consider customized thigh dimensions for enhanced playability.

Goalie Glove:

Available in Youth, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior sizes.

Ensure a snug fit with fingers reaching the end of finger stalls for control.

Sizes cater to different age groups, from young novices to experienced players.

Goalie Blocker:

Similar to sizing a catch glove, ensure a snug fit around fingers and wrist.

Optimal stick control is achieved when fingers reach near the end of finger stalls.

Goalie Chest Protector:

Available in sizes ranging from Youth to Senior.

Use manufacturer sizing charts for detailed measurements.

Chest protectors should fit snugly without restricting mobility.

Goalie Pants:

Meticulously designed for protection and coverage.

Features a loose-fitting design with an internal belt for a secure fit.

Pant length should extend just above the knee for optimal coverage.

Goalie Stick:

Sized by paddle length, available in Youth to Senior sizes.

Critical measurement is the paddle height where the goalie grips the stick.

A well-fitted stick ensures proper balance and performance on the ice.

Goalie Skates:

Start with skates approximately 1.5 sizes smaller than shoe size.

Ensure a snug fit without pressure points or dead space.

Skates will break in over time, offering increased comfort and space.

Bauer Goalie Equipment

Bauer offers a comprehensive range of high-quality goalie gear designed to enhance performance and provide optimal protection on the ice. Whether you're looking for leg pads, blockers, catch gloves, skates, sticks, or other accessories, Bauer has you covered with elite-level equipment suitable for goalies of all levels

CCM Goalie Equipment

CCM has continued to be a favorite of NHL and professional goalies since breaking onto the scene as Reebok branded gear in 2005. Designed initially by Lefevre, CCM has transformed itself into a best-selling brand of gear loved by goalies across all levels of play and one that goalies continue to be drawn towards for it’s unmistakable fit and comfort through every generation.

True Goalie Equipment

True is powered by goalie equipment designer Lefebvre, renowned for his breakthrough designs in the early 2000s that took the butterfly-style pad mainstream and features that are seen across all brands today. Right out of the gate, True has developed a state-of-the art line of gear that has been adopted by dozens of NHL goalies in just their first year on the market.

Vaughn Goalie Equipment

Vaughn has been a mainstay in the goalie equipment world for many years, focusing strictly on goalie equipment rather than branching off to skater’s gear. Known for the pure comfort of their pads and their attention to detail, Vaughn has cemented themselves as a brand with arguably the most loyal following of all. Their flexible hybrid-style Velocity pad is on it’s 9th generation, a testament to the performance and quality expected out of an elite manufacturer.

Warrior Goalie Equipment

Warrior made a big statement when they entered the Goalie equipment scene in the early 2010’s. Led by legendary equipment designer Pete Smith, Warrior gear quickly garnered a cult following through its innovation and focus on creating the most lightweight gear on the market. Years later, their Ritual line of gear continues to be a favorite of goalies all around the world.

Find the Best Selection of Hockey Goalie Equipment at MonkeySports!

Being the last line of defense on the ice fills every goalie with a sense of pride and excitement. Each moment presents an opportunity to be the hero of the game, fueling a profound passion for the goalie position. However, ensuring success and safety on the ice requires careful consideration when selecting equipment. Our comprehensive overview of hockey goalie gear aims to provide valuable insights to prepare both you and your young goalie for action. At MonkeySports, we are proud to be your premier destination for goalie equipment, offering an extensive selection of top brands and the latest gear lines.

Hockey Goalie Equipment FAQs

Why is hockey goalie equipment so expensive?

Crafting hockey goalie equipment involves meticulous design and development to ensure both protection and performance throughout the game. Each piece undergoes handcrafted construction, utilizing cutting-edge material technology such as lightweight foams, synthetic skins, and premium buckles and straps.

How much does hockey goalie equipment weigh?

Hockey goalie equipment weight depends on the size and age of the goalie. A full-grown adult goalie can expect their entire equipment setup to weigh between 40-50 lbs (18-23kg). Variance in weight depends on the size of the gear, model line, materials, and often the protection level of the equipment.

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