CCM 900 Sr. Goalie Neck Guard

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CCM 900 Sr Goalie Neck Guard. Engineered for goalkeepers, this neck guard combines comfort and safety for an unparalleled experience.
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Elevate your goalkeeping performance with the CCM 900 Sr Goalie Neck Guard - where cutting-edge technology meets professional standards.

  • Cut-Resistant Technology: The CCM 900 Sr boasts cut-resistant technology, providing extensive coverage and protection against potential injuries.
  • Breathable Comfort: Designed for optimal comfort, this neck guard ensures breathability, allowing goalkeepers to focus on their game without distraction.
  • Pro-Level Design: With a professional design, the CCM 900 Sr is tailored to meet the demands of serious goalkeepers, offering reliable neck protection.
  • Versatile Fit: The neck guard is available in various sizes, ensuring a customized and secure fit for goalkeepers of all ages.

Brand CCM

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