CCM Jetspeed 680 Jr. Hockey Gloves

Level: Performance
Item code: 1500004643
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Discover the game-changing CCM Jetspeed 680 Hockey Gloves – the epitome of performance and innovation.
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Experience the next level of performance with CCM Jetspeed 680 – where innovation meets excellence.

  • Lighter & Cooler: Experience a lighter feel and superior cooling, allowing you to stay agile and focused throughout the game.
  • Pro-Grade Mesh: Crafted with pro-grade mesh, these gloves provide optimal breathability, keeping your hands cool during intense play.
  • Top-Notch Defense: The incorporation of foam inserts and a flex thumb ensures top-notch defense capabilities while maintaining excellent mobility.
  • Sensalast Palm: Enjoy a soft and durable palm with Sensalast technology, providing longevity and comfort for prolonged gameplay.
  • Unrestricted Wrist Motion: The open cuff design enables unrestricted wrist motion, empowering you to unleash your full potential on the ice.

Brand CCM

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