CCM AXIS A2.9 Int. Goalie Blocker

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CCM Axis A2.9 - A Remarkable Evolution Compared to Previous Years. This Submodel Is Guaranteed to Impress. Featuring a Core Similar to AXIS2, It Allows You to Propel Pucks with Exceptional Power and Precision.
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CCM Axis A2.9 Goalie Blocker 2022 – Unleashing Power and Comfort in Perfect Harmony Experience the power and comfort of the latest innovation from CCM - the Axis A2.9 Goalie Blocker, released for 2022 and built upon the successes of the original Axis line. The A2.9 takes your goaltending game to new heights by introducing groundbreaking technology and materials. The all-new LITECORE design of the A2.9 constitutes the lightest board ever produced by CCM. However, despite its lightweight construction, the focus is also on generating the most powerful rebounds ever. The genuine bond-free design on the sidewall is retained to enhance the durability of the A2.9. The fingers feature the popular curved finger protection design from the original Axis, improved by pairing it with a rigid side wall for superior impact protection and strength. The reintroduction of HD foam wrap around the fingers provides complete protection for all fingers. CCM introduces the all-new FlexMotion2, featuring strategic segmentation and adjustability to offer a personally tailored fit. The palm is reinforced with a Nash palm, crafted to deliver maximum comfort and feel. Specifically designed for advanced-level goaltenders, the CCM Axis A2.9 is the ultimate choice that allows you to play FULL OUT! Step into a new era of power and precision with the Axis A2.9 Goalie Blocker.
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