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About javascript

Javascript is a code technology that MonkeySports uses so that you as a visitor can get the best experience of the website. For images, menus, forms and my pages to work correctly and smoothly, Javascript is needed. We hope you get the most out of your visit with us!

About cookies

A cookie (cookie) is a small text file sent from our web server and stored on your computer. The cookie contains information about your visit and is used for technical reasons to improve the website for you as a user. There are two types of cookies and one of them is called session cookies. It works so that it is temporarily stored in your computer's memory when you are in and browsing the website, and then disappear when you close your browser.

When you click around on the MonkeySports website and visit addresses that contain, session cookies are used in forms, for example. This means that your information is temporarily saved if you have filled it in on a page and then have to back up a page. This way you do not have to fill in all your information again.

The second type of cookie saves a file for a long time on your computer. We use it to make it smooth and easy for you when you revisit This means that things like your shopping cart, a saved wish list and your most recent login are saved. It is therefore only so that you do not have to fill in such again the next time you visit the website. If you do not accept cookies, you may, for example, put all products in the shopping cart yourself.

Our cookies are also used to enable us to receive statistics on our visitor flows, something that can help us not only maintain, but also improve the service we offer to you as a user. We will not use cookies for any other commercial purposes.

MonkeySport's website uses Google Analytics from Google as an analysis tool, Hello Retail as a recommendation tool and Facebook/Instagram. These are services that also use cookies. For example, Facebook uses its cookies so that you can see which of your friends already likes MonkeySports on Facebook. The tool Hello Retail has its cookies to store information about things you like, so that we can give you better tips in the future.

Our cookies are therefore intended to make it easier for both you as a visitor and for us. If you continue to use our website without changing your settings, we assume that you have no problem accepting our cookies.

You can set and prevent cookies from being stored on your computer via the browser settings.

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