Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Jr. Hockey Gloves

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    Brand new for 2019, Bauer Hockey is proud to unveil their newest line of Supreme gloves, the Supreme 2S Pro Junior Hockey Gloves. With improvements made to the comfort, fit, and protection this latest iteration of Bauer gloves are their most advanced to date!

    Starting with the shell, the Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves are constructed of pro-level nylon and cable meshes with PU leather components. These materials allow the glove to maintain superior durability allowing players to get the most longevity out of their gloves.

    Moving to the fingers, the Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves utilizes a two-piece design within the fingers, providing players with great flexibility and range of motion during stickhandling and shooting. On top of that, all of the fingers feature Bauer’s brand-new Triple Shox foam on the interior. This advanced foam helps disperse the force of direct impacts away from the fingers, such as blocked shots and stick checks! Furthermore, the liner within the fingers of the gloves feature a new technology known as Hyper Sense Finger Liner. This liner helps wick away moisture from the hands keeping them dry and comfortable, therefore enhancing stick connection and feel.

    In addition, the Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves feature a patented two-piece Flex Lock design within the thumbs. This design allows players to have improved mobility and comfort thanks to the two-piece design, but also well protected thanks to the Flex Lock concept. The Flex-Lock design ensures that the players’ thumbs will not bend backwards too far, protecting them from hyperextension.

    The backhand of the Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves feature Bauer’s highest level of protection thanks to the Triple Shock and Poron XRD foams. These materials provide players with elite-level protection in all aspects of the game whether it be a blocked shot, stick check, or contact with the boards! Additionally, these foams are extremely lightweight helping keep players as mobile as possible.

    Moving up to the cuff of the Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves, they feature a molded cuffroll with Bauer’s new AMP Technology. This new technology allows the cuff of the glove to extend a little bit further, while keeping the familiar anatomical fit. This provides players with enhanced protection and mobility during stickhandling and shooting, without players feeling like their whole wrist is exposed.

    The anatomical and comfortable fit of the Supreme 2S Pro Gloves goes hand in hand with Bauer’s Ivory micro-suede Pro Palm! This pro-level palm offers players with great comfortability and feel of the stick during gameplay. Additionally, the palms feature a full overlay, which helps improve palm durability and longevity against the wear and tear of stick tape.

    Thanks to addition of the Triple Shox foam, the improved liner, and the AMP Cuff, these gloves stand out in comfort, protection, and feel. Maximize your game with the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Hockey Gloves!

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