CCM RibCor 100K Pro Sr. Hockey Skates

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100K Pro is the first RibCor skate that comes with one-piece technology which gives a better fit. This skate is designed to maximize agility on the ice and provide a good balance between comfort and performance. With new features, 100K is intended for the elite player who is looking improved protection, comfort and performance.
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Brand new for 2021 is CCM's latest iteration of the Ribcor skating line, CCM Ribcor 100K Pro! This new skate is uniquely designed to maximize agility on the ice and provide a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

For the first time on the Ribcor line, the RibCor 100K Pro will have CCM's new flex boot technology in one piece. With this boot, players get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for faster cuts. This one-piece boot has great forward flexibility and lateral stability, allowing players to get as much power and efficiency as possible. NHL-caliber RFM composite material gives the boot a variable stiffness profile of 175-185 which provides an excellent fit in all situations. New for this year on the Ribcor 100k Pro will be the opportunity to customize your tongue with the new XS tongue system. The replaceable flexmotion blade with several layers of 7 mm felt and an asymmetrical flex point fits your foot better. And if you prefer a thinner or thicker tongue, the XS system allows easy tongue change, which gives you a customizable fit out of the box. On the inside, the Ribcor 100K Pro has a TotalDri comfort lining. This high-performance moisture-wicking material works to keep players as dry and comfortable as possible throughout the game. This liner goes hand in hand with the ADPT memory foam. These symmetrical foams wrap tightly but comfortably around the player's feet and provide an anatomical fit and comfort for all different foot shapes. The lower half of the Ribcor 100K Pro is where you will find the SpeedBlade XS holder! At the back of each holder, players find what is known as CCM's BladeLock technology. This is a locking knob that locks the blade to the holder and helps prevent the blade from coming loose during play. In turn, this design provides players with consistent and maximized energy transfer within each insert. For extra comfort, cast CCM Ortholite Ultralite is available for increased support. In collaboration with the new SpeedBlade XS holder, STEP Blacksteel (+4 mm) is steel! These are made of the highest quality steel with carbon coated technology for superior edge hardness and provide a phenomenal slip. This elevation gain allows players to dig deeper in their turns, increasing top speed.

With the all-new one-piece flex boot and upgrades in almost every aspect of the skate, the CCM Ribcor 100K Pro is for players who want to further enhance protection, comfort and performance!
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Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: When you receive your skates, try them on and push your foot forward so that your toes (while flat) barely glance the toe cap. Bend your knee forward and look behind the heel of your foot down the skate. If you can fit a finger behind the heel easily, the skates are too big. A fingertip should be securely wedged between the heel of your foot and the back side of the skate. While all players might have their own preference for fit, hockey skates should be 1 ½ sizes down from your shoe size. For most players this will be close to the proper fit. For example, if you are a US Men's shoe size 9, you would want to go with a skate size 7.5.

Tapered: Low volume/Narrow
Regular: Medium volume/Medium width
Wide: High volume/Wide width

CCM Senior Skate Sizing Chart
Skate Size EU Shoe Size Measurement (cm)
7 42 26
7.5 42.5 26.4
8 43 26.8
8.5 44 27.2
9 44.5 27.7
9.5 45 28.1
10 45.5 28.5
10.5 46 28.9
11 47 29.4
11.5 47.5 29.8
12 48 30.2
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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