Bauer Vapor X3.7 Int. Hockey Stick

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Elevate your game with Bauer Vapor X3.7. XE Taper and HP Mold tech provide balanced feel, quick shots. 12% more durable than X2.7. Affordable excellence for ice hockey players.
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Bladguide Bauer

Elite Level Technology
Vapor X3.7 is a club fully equipped with technologies, which makes it extremely affordable in its category. The design XE Taper and HP mold contribute to optimal balance and game feel. In Vapor X3.7, we raise the bar in the industry and you get a club that is both affordable and high-performance out on the ice.

Enhanced durability and durability
Vapor X3.7 is durable and is designed to hold 12% better in match situations against its predecessor X2.7.

Vapor X3.7 weighs 450 grams, which is 5 grams lighter than X2.7.

Vapor X3.7 is equipped with advanced technologies such as XE Taper and HP Mold, which contributes to a balanced club with a good gaming feel. The advanced technology in terms of category makes the club extremely affordable against its competitors. XE Taper technology and blade construction HP Mold is designed to provide a quick release and fast, stable shots. The blade's technology MaxBalance also gives a sense of balance and feeling in the treatment of the puck out on the ice.

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