CCM JetSpeed FT480 Sr. Goalie Skates

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New for 2019, CCM has engineered their newest adaptation in the JetSpeed line for goalies around the world. The CCM JetSpeed FT480 Senior Goalie Skates are a continuation on CCM’s one piece design that caters to the modern style of goaltending.

Starting off with the outer quarter package, the CCM JetSpeed FT480 Goalie skates come with 3D-Lasted technology to provide a high-precision ergonomic skate boot that gives the goalie an excellent, locked in feel. The CCM FT480 also uses Rocketframe composite material on the outside of the boot which is an NHL-Caliber, lightweight composite material used to protect the goalie from odd shots off the boot and keep a lightweight profile over the skate.

Moving on, the CCM Jetspeed FT480 has added some key features to the ankle area of the boot. First is the lightweight, highly firm, 170 Stiffness Performance Index that has thermo-formable core for the best power pushes a goaltender could ask for. Next, the CCM FT480 Boot collar comes with an asymmetric flex stance that is designed to allow the goalie to get into a deeper stance comfortably and have less stress on the ankles of the goaltender. The FT480 boot collar allows the goalie to recover faster and get back on their feet to get ready for the next shot.

Finally, the tongue of the CCM FT480 skate is made with a Tritech flex zone with Molded lace-bite protection provided. This gives the goaltender advanced protection and comfort during play while providing forward flex in the boot that the goalie needs.

Next, on the holder and runner of the CCM JetSpeed FT480 goalie skates, CCM has implemented an all new holder and runner to make this skate lighter than the previous model. The brand new extra light SpeedBlade XSG Holder has a quick release system so you can switch out the steel quickly and also provide optimal attack angle for better power pushes. This brand new holder is 60 percent lighter than the previous CCM FT holder. The runner of the CCM JetSpeed FT480 goalie skate comes with 3mm wide SB XSG1 (+2MM) Steel that is a high-performance blade with a longer edge life with 9 percent more height to the goaltender.

Finally, on to the bottom of the foot and inside of the FT480 goalie skate, the outsole of the CCM JetSpeed FT480 is made of an extra stiff composite with exhaust system that helps to create an energy transfer platform that helps the ease of skating for the goaltender. Next, the liner is made of TotalDri with Durazone abrasion protection utilized to keep the goaltender’s feet dry and their skates light.

Compared to the CCM JetSpeed FT480, the CCM JetSpeed FT2 offers higher quality materials and highly quality construction. Namely, the FT2 offers a LiteFrame Quarter Package, a better Stiffness Performance Index, and a tapered fit.

If you are an intermediate-level goalie who is looking for a lightweight one piece skate, the CCM JetSpeed FT480 Senior Goalie Skate is the skate for you.

Brand CCM
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: When you receive your skates, try them on and push your foot forward so that your toes (while flat) barely glance the toe cap. Bend your knee forward and look behind the heel of your foot down the skate. If you can fit a finger behind the heel easily, the skates are too big. A fingertip should be securely wedged between the heel of your foot and the back side of the skate. While all players might have their own preference for fit, hockey skates should be 1 ½ sizes down from your shoe size. For most players this will be close to the proper fit. For example, if you are a US Men's shoe size 9, you would want to go with a skate size 7.5.

Tapered: Low volume/Narrow
Regular: Medium volume/Medium width
Wide: High volume/Wide width

CCM Senior Skate Sizing Chart
Skate Size EU Shoe Size Measurement (cm)
7 42 26
7.5 42.5 26.4
8 43 26.8
8.5 44 27.2
9 44.5 27.7
9.5 45 28.1
10 45.5 28.5
10.5 46 28.9
11 47 29.4
11.5 47.5 29.8
12 48 30.2
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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