CCM Tacks AS-V Jr. Hockey Elbow Pads

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The new design that has been included in this year's edition of Tacksskydd means that the protection follows in the best possible way without sacrificing any mobility at all while sitting comfortably on the arm.
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New for 2022, CCM renews its Tacks protection line. With the support of science, the Tacks protection has been tested and validated in the well-known CCM lab to ensure quality and functionality. With updates in design, protection and comfort aspects, CCM Tacks AS-V are designed to offer elite protection while improving mobility.

For the construction of Tacks AS-V, CCM has a new anatomical shield design with maximum coverage and a 2-part Flexmotion construction. ASD puts protection first, provides ultra-comfort and an adaptable fit. ASD is designed to offer a high level of coverage that follows the body's natural shape while allowing maximum protection without sacrificing mobility. On top of Tacks AS-V comes a 2-part liquid articulated and reinforced compressed molded Eva foam biceps protection. This Flexmotion biceps construction offers elite-level protection and superior comfort and fit. Just below the biceps cover is the JDP-reinforced elbow cover with D30 inside and a molded EVA foam cover. This elite-level elbow cap is designed to spread the impact force away from the elbow while the D30 absorbs shocks and shocks inside the cushion. Thanks AS-V includes a slash shield with a sublimated lining. This injection-molded forearm protection offers first-class protection and a feeling of comfort. A completely new belt system holds everything together on Tacks AS-V. The AdaptFit straps have a center locking strap plus a 360 degree enclosing forearm strap. This locking strap in the middle, together with the front 360 cover strap, enables a snug fit without the elbow pad slipping.

If you are a high level player looking for maximum protection, comfort and a customizable fit, check out CCM Tacks AS-V!
Brand CCM
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: Measure from the back of the elbow to wrist crease with arm at 90°. Match the player’s measured size to the size of the elbow pads by inches. Determine the level of play and the level of protection necessary. When fastened securely, there should be no gap between the pad and either the biceps extension of the shoulder pad or the cuff of the glove. The elbow pad should not slip or move while fastened. Players who wear a short cuff style glove should choose the longer model of elbow pad.If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing elbow pads, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

CCM Elbow Pad Sizing Chart
Senior Forearm (inches) Forearm (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 9 - 10.5 23 - 27 5'2 - 5'6 157 - 168
Medium 10 - 11.5 25 - 29 5'6 - 5'10 168 - 178
Large 11 - 12.5 28 - 32 5'10 - 6'2 178 - 188
X-Large 11.5 + 29 + 6' + 183 +
Junior Forearm (inches) Forearm (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 6 - 8 16 - 20 4'2 - 4'6 127 - 137
Medium 7 - 9 18 - 22 4'6 - 4'10 137 - 147
Large 8 - 10 20 - 25 4'10 - 5'2 147 - 157
Youth Forearm (inches) Forearm (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 4.5 - 6 11 - 15 3'4 - 3'7 102 - 109
Medium 5.5 - 7 14 - 17 3'7 - 3'10 109 - 117
Large 6 - 7.5 15 - 19 3'10 - 4'2 117 - 127
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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