CCM AXIS A1.5 Sr. Certified Goalie Mask

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Discover Unbeatable Protection and Comfort with the CCM Axis A1.5 Goalie Mask. Engineered with a Polycarbonate Shell, Strategically Placed VN Foam, and Stainless Steel Cage, Ensuring Top-Tier Defense Against Impacts. Ideal for New Goalies in Search of a Secure and Comfortable Fit.
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The shell of the A1.5 uses a polycarbonate shell to provide protection while being designed for important collision zones. Internally, you will see several materials that are strategically placed to provide the best possible level of protection. Multilayer VN Foam edges the entire helmet and is built to protect and provide comfort for the goalkeeper. A sweatband made of terry cloth encloses the inside, which is comfortable while doing the job that a sweatband should do. An adjustable foam hook cup rocks the goalkeeper's head in a comfortable position. The grille is made of stainless steel and provides high impact protection for pucks that can hit this area, such as a Certified Cat-Eye.

If you are a beginner-level goalkeeper looking for a goalkeeper mask with patented materials used to create a highly protective and comfortable experience, check out the CCM Axis A1.5.
Brand CCM
Size guide
CCM Goalie Mask Sizing Chart
Model Size Circumference (inches) Circumference (cm)
Axis Small 20.8 - 22.5 53 - 57
Axis Medium 21.6 - 23.2 55 - 59
Axis Large 22.5 - 24 57 - 61
Axis X-Large 23.2 - 24.7 59 - 63
A1.9 X-Small 20 - 21.6 51 - 55
A1.9 Small 20.8 - 22.5 53 - 58
A1.9 Medium 21.6 - 23.2 55 - 59
A1.9 Large 22.5 - 24 57 - 61
A1.5 Youth 19.2 - 22.8 49 - 54
A1.5 Junior 20.8 - 22.8 53 - 58
A1.5 Senior 22 - 23.6 55 - 60
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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