CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Sr. Goalie Glove

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This glove is designed to provide maximum coverage as well as excellent mobility and protection. Breaket i the glove has been updated to provide a better closure and make the glove easier to drive in. If If you are a goalkeeper who wants a flexible and protective glove, E5.9 is for you.
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New for 2021, CCM continues to push for innovation and design with the latest addition to the Extreme Flex series. This brand new line brings together key revisions and new technologies to take the Extreme Flex you know and love to the next level.

For the graphics on the CCM Extreme Flex E5.9, CCM has manufactured the front of the glove to have a large pocket area that seamlessly transitions to an entire collar design. This design enables a large visual presentation with the help of the wide double T-pocket. On the graphics, the CCM E5.9 has long striped patterns that go vertically up to the glove pocket and create a great visual look. The front of the E5.9 has a similar design to the E4.9. CCM received a lot of feedback about the collar design for the 600-brake, which then caused a minor change of the closing point at hand, which now ensures a complete closing and easier burglary. Furthermore, on the internal construction, the CCM has decided to go with Nash fingers for a more comfortable feeling and faster release when you wear this glove. The overall feeling becomes more secure and gives the goalkeeper the confidence they need when wearing a CCM glove to perform at the highest level. Finally, on the back, you will see one of the major changes to this model with the new Flexmotion Design which is a segmented cast HD foam cover for optimal flexibility.

If you are an advanced goalkeeper looking for a glove designed for maximum coverage, mobility and good protection, CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 is the choice for you.
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