Tydan Blades Stainless Runners - Bauer Edge

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Hockey is a team game that is won one battle at a time. Every battle puts your skills up against your opponents. Every edge you have can make the difference when it comes to who ends up on top. Make sure you have the edge.

Increase performance
Having custom blades with a suitable profile and hollow can significantly increase performance. Having a stronger edge, increases agility, speed, faster acceleration and gives you a longer glide. This all adds up to increased performance and you having the edge on your competition.

Increase speed
A stronger edge with an appropriate profile and hollow on the ice increases your ability to transfer the power in your legs to the ice. This increase in power transfer results in stronger pushes, longer strides and increased speed on the ice. Our polished Tydan DIAMONDEDGE blades provide a better glide due to the polishing reducing the grain in the steel resulting in less friction with the ice. These edges gives you the speed you need to win more races to the puck.

Durable edge
Our Diamond-Like-Carbon DIAMONDEDGE blades provide 4-6 times the edge strength vs. a standard stainless steel blade. This allows for more time between sharpening and more confidence you have the edge.


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