CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Sr. Goalie Blocker

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Elevate Your Game with the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Sr Goalie Blocker - Experience the latest advancements in the popular Extreme Flex line with the Extreme Flex 5 blocker. Boasting updates and cutting-edge technologies, this blocker takes performance to new heights. The thinner profile of the plate is specifically crafted for optimal return control.
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New for 2021, CCM continues to push for innovation and design with the latest addition to the Extreme Flex series. This brand new line brings together key revisions and new technologies to take the Extreme Flex you know and love to the next level.

For the construction of EF5, CCM has used a heat-laminated double-density foam with a PE board that creates a thinner profile design, built for maximum return control. CCM has a centered hand position to create a well-balanced experience. The finger protection has continued from the EF4 line, which covers more of the opening at the club, while at the same time providing more mobility when holding the club. To the base of the fingertips you will see the two protections that sit above the fingers for extra protection against specific situations. Around the fingers use CCM D3O material that is wrapped around the index finger to provide extra protection. D3O is an energy-absorbing polyurethane material used for shock absorption. The entire palm consists of a multilayer-reinforced Nash material optimized for a comfortable feeling and durability at the highest level.

If you are an elite level goalkeeper looking for a shock that is designed for mobility in both range of motion and weight, while protecting yourself, then CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro is the shock for you.
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