Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon Sr. Goalie Leg Pads

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Discover the Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon, the ultimate game-changer for elite goalies. Packed with advanced features including internal breakage shaping, a high-density pro-core structure, and a responsive RRC strap, it guarantees a secure fit and an optimal seal. Experience unparalleled flexibility and control without hesitation.
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Vaughn Custom Sports introduces its all-new model of leg protection in the Ventus series, the Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon.

The internal construction of the SLR3 Pro Carbon, comes without external breakage but still has an internal breakage below the knee to help shape the leg guards to cover the fifth hole. SLR3 has a high density, full pro-core structure with an insert throughout the bone protection. On top, the SLR3 Pro Carbon has an extra insert that sits on the upper part of the front of the leg protection to help create a stiff thigh rise. A preformed curved upper profile has been implemented and together with the rigid thigh rise helps to create an optimal seal. At the boot, the SLR3 has a scoop angle to provide full flexibility for increased range of motion, while keeping the construction against the boot angle rigid to help the leg guard sit in place. Along the outside, the bevelled outer roller provides better return control, while a narrow profile on the outer edge provides increased mobility and better rotation. The inner edge has molded plastic reinforcement along the sliding edge to provide stability. The knee pad has a velcro strap that can be attached behind the knee or angled down to the calf. Inside the caliper, the reactive rotation control strap is added to provide a snug internal fit. This RRC strap can be adjusted to the goalkeeper's preferred tension to create a leg protection that responds faster and is completely secured with a magnetic quick release clamp. On SLR3's leg channel, the calf windings have been extended to fit more on top of the goalkeeper's legs to create a better response. The boot strap on the SLR3 has the same elastic / traditional hybrid style that has been so successful from the SLR2 and Velocity V9 models. The toe system from SLR2 also makes its return to SLR3.

If you are an elite level goalkeeper looking for a flat and responsive leg protection, the Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon leg protection allows you to play with "No Hesitation".

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