CCM Lexan Throat Protector

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Discover the innovation in goaltending with the CCM Lexan Goalie Throat Protector. Crafted with high-tech Lexan material, this neck guard sets a new standard for goalkeeper protection.
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Elevate your goalie gear with the CCM Lexan Goalie Throat Protector - where high-tech meets top-notch protection for goalkeepers.

  • Lexan Technology: Engineered with Lexan, a durable and transparent material, providing robust protection without compromising visibility on the ice.
  • Pro-Design: The throat protector features a pro-design for a secure fit, ensuring extra protection for goaltenders during intense gameplay.
  • Customizable Fit: Tailored for goalkeepers, the CCM Lexan Goalie Throat Protector offers a customizable fit, combining comfort and safety seamlessly.
  • Optimal Visibility: Clear Lexan material ensures optimal visibility, allowing goalkeepers to maintain a sharp focus on the game.

Brand CCM

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