Bauer Supreme M4 Jr. Hockey Skates

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Explore the latest innovation for 2022 with Bauer Supreme M4 Jr Hockey Skates. Crafted for performance-driven athletes, these skates feature a flexible 3D-made composite quarter package for efficient cuts and energy transfer. With a classic 48oz felt tongue, hydrophobic microfiber lining, and the TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder, ultimate comfort and control are guaranteed. Elevate your game with Bauer Supreme M4 Hockey Skates.
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Bauer Hockey is constantly innovating with its skates and has designed a new Supreme skate for 2022. The all-new Bauer Supreme M4 skates are designed for performance-driven athletes and help you with superior fit and performance, while giving you confidence in every insert. .

Starting with the shoe on the Supreme M4 skates, Bauer continues to use their ultra-popular 3D-made composite quarter package. M4 will have a flex composite shoe that is easier to flex with a light and supportive structure. These will be thermoformable to give you the best possible fit for your foot. This boot will give you a more efficient cut, giving you more energy. The Supreme M4 skates help with the energy transfer in the shoe and will have a traditional flex. This will help the players flex over the toes and the tendon guard allows full extension of the insert, so you can more easily reach your top speed. This will not only make your inserts more powerful but also more efficient, so you get the most out of each insert and no energy is wasted. The boot flex goes hand in hand with the classic 48oz felt tongue with exposed injected midfoot protection. This plow is a classic proven felt plow that gives you comfort and performance. Inside the Supreme M4, the Bauer features a hydrophobic microfiber lining designed to keep your feet locked in place, as well as quickly transport away sweat, giving you ultimate feeling and control when you're on the ice. For the lower part of the Supreme M4 skates, there is the popular TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder which has been tested and used at the elite level for several years now. Bauer LS + inserts will be delivered on M4 which allows you to fine-tune your blade shape and performance with a profile-clear 10ft geometry.

If you are a player looking for a skate that gives you confidence in every insert while giving you superior fit and performance, check out the Bauer Supreme M4.
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: When you receive your skates, try them on and push your foot forward so that your toes (while flat) barely glance the toe cap. Bend your knee forward and look behind the heel of your foot down the skate. If you can fit a finger behind the heel easily, the skates are too big. A fingertip should be securely wedged between the heel of your foot and the back side of the skate. While all players might have their own preference for fit, hockey skates should be 1 ½ sizes down from your shoe size. For most players this will be close to the proper fit. For example, if you are a US Men's shoe size 9, you would want to go with a skate size 7.5.

Fit 1: Low volume/Narrow
Fit 2: Medium volume/Medium width
Fit 3: High volume/Wide width

Bauer Junior-/Intermediate Skate Sizing Chart
Skate Size EU Shoe Size Measurement (cm)
1 33.5 21
1.5 34 21.4
2 35 21.8
2.5 35.5 22.2
3 36 22.6
3.5 36.5 23.1
4 37.5 23.5
4.5 38 23.9
5 38.5 24.3
5.5 39 24.7
6 40.5 25.1
6.5 41 25.5
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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