Bauer Vapor 3X Jr. Hockey Skates

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If you are looking for a skate that is incredibly affordable, then you should check this out extra carefully. With its light material made in a Flex-Composite frame, it has been possible to reduce the weight considerably and make all to benefit the player who is looking for speed and agility in his skating.
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Support and Lightweight
The Vapor 3X skate is remarkably light compared to the price point and its predecessor X2.9. Like other skates in the vapor category, the 3X skate is designed for the active player who wants to add speed and agility to ice skating. Constructed with a Flex composite frame, the skate is lighter, stronger and also incredibly malleable, all for optimal comfort and performance.

Extra steel with higher LS + rail
With the 3X skate, you get a rail with improved quality and a higher steel than before. In addition to a longer life cycle when grinding, the elevated steel provides a better angle of attack and flexibility in possible profiles when grinding, which alone gives it incredible added value.

Comfortable and better fit
After analyzing data on scanning 800,000+ hockey players worldwide, the 3X has been equipped with an asymmetric toe box. Here we have managed to remove excess material around the toes and thus reduce weight and at the same time increase comfort and performance.
Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: When you receive your skates, try them on and push your foot forward so that your toes (while flat) barely glance the toe cap. Bend your knee forward and look behind the heel of your foot down the skate. If you can fit a finger behind the heel easily, the skates are too big. A fingertip should be securely wedged between the heel of your foot and the back side of the skate. While all players might have their own preference for fit, hockey skates should be 1 ½ sizes down from your shoe size. For most players this will be close to the proper fit. For example, if you are a US Men's shoe size 9, you would want to go with a skate size 7.5.

Fit 1: Low volume/Narrow
Fit 2: Medium volume/Medium width
Fit 3: High volume/Wide width

Bauer Junior-/Intermediate Skate Sizing Chart
Skate Size EU Shoe Size Measurement (cm)
1 33.5 21
1.5 34 21.4
2 35 21.8
2.5 35.5 22.2
3 36 22.6
3.5 36.5 23.1
4 37.5 23.5
4.5 38 23.9
5 38.5 24.3
5.5 39 24.7
6 40.5 25.1
6.5 41 25.5
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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