CCM Ribcor 84K Int. Hockey Stick

Level: Performance
Item code: 1500004131
A club that is for you who are looking for something simpler and do not want to spend too much on a club. If you are a beginner looking for a slightly simpler club, you should check out this model from CCM.
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New for 2022, the CCM Ribcor 84K is the latest recreation level in CCM's Ribcor family. The Ribcor line is designed for the fast shot, and the RibCor 84K has upgrades that make it a great lightweight, durable, and quick-release option.

For the design of the Ribcor 84K shaft, CCM went with a traditional T-shaped shaft. The proven square design gives players a traditional feel that fits comfortably in the hands. A very classic but light feel. Ribcor 84K has a low kick point at the bottom of the shaft, just above the blade. This kick point maximizes the load. The blade of the Ribcor 84K is a composite, rigid blade made of carbon and fiberglass, which has been designed for durability.

With a low kick point, traditional shaft design and a stiff composite blade, the Ribcor 84K is an excellent option for any recreational or beginner level player looking for a good balance between price and performance.
Brand CCM
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CCM Ribcor -S23 Sizing Chart
Size Flex Stick Length
SR 95 62"
SR 85 60"
SR 80 60"
SR 75 60"
SR 70 60"
INT 65 57"
INT 55 55"
JR 50 54"
JR 40 51"
Please note: Stick length is measured from the heel of the blade to the top of the stick. Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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