Bauer Vapor Jr. Hockey Stick - 30 Flex

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The updated Bauer Vapor Stick is made for the smaller hockey player. This stick is developed to have a good durability and durability but at the same time has a light construction.
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P29 är den som gillar ett enkelt blad
P28 är en vinkel med mycket Curve som är för spelaren som vill ha något som hjälper dig att få upp pucken lättare

Lighter and improved balance
Vapor Junior 30 flex has a reduced weight of 35 grams compared to before. In addition to a lighter club, you get an improved performance, which gives an overall more comfortable feeling when you handle the puck.

Faster release
The lightweight design and improved performance provide an easier charging process at the moment of shooting, which in turn provides 19% faster release than before.

Improved durability and durability
The improved durability means that you can count on 14% better durability in match situations than before.

Vapor JR 30 is designed for our smaller ice hockey players. With a reduced weight of as much as 35 grams, you have a considerably lighter construction, which makes charging and shooting faster and more efficient. In Vapor JR30 you have every opportunity to take your game to the next level.

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