CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

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CCM Super Tacks X Helmet - Advanced Technology for Elite Players Experience the cutting-edge CCM Super Tacks X Helmet, one of the most advanced helmets available. Its interior features a 3D-printed lining, combined with other materials, providing unparalleled protection and fit. If you're an elite player seeking the latest in helmet technology, a comfortable fit, and top-tier protection, the Super Tacks X is your ideal choice.
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Years of performance testing and 3D manufacturing have led to the next generation in head protection, the Super Tacks X helmet from CCM Hockey! Thanks to these completely new innovative technologies, the Super Tacks X helmet is one of the most advanced on the market.

The interior of the Super Tacks X helmet comes with an innovative advanced 3D-printed continuously fitting lining. Nest Tech 3D is optimally set with varying densities at specific locations in the feed to help distribute all types of head collisions in key areas. For additional shock absorption and extra protection, CCM will have smart D30 material and additional multi-density foam. This new technology will offer unmatched protection and fit. Apart from elite protection, the Super Tacks X helmet will also be superior in terms of comfort. This is also thanks to the new Nest Tech 3D printed lining. Nest Tech Liner adapts more easily to your head with a soft continuous fit without equal. Thanks to the versatility of this lining, it makes the Super Tacks X helmet breathe much better and offers maximum airflow to your head. Breathability means less body heat loss, which gives you more consistent energy overall. This will help you increase your performance throughout the game and will help you recover faster between changes. The Super Tacks X helmet has a tool-free front and rear adjustment system. This easy-to-use adjustment offers a larger size range for the best fit. Achieving the perfect helmet fit has never been easier! Simply open the tabs on the sides of the helmet, adjust to size and you are ready. Visually, the Super Tacks X helmet has a look that is both stylish and effective when it comes to generating airflow through the helmet. The sides of the outer casing have also been reinforced for extra protection against a variety of blows.

If you are a player looking for elite-level protection and cutting-edge technology to keep your head as comfortable and safe as possible on the ice, then the CCM Super Tacks X helmet is for you.
Brand CCM
Size guide
CCM Helmet Sizing Chart
Super Tacks X Circumference (cm)
Small 53.5 - 57
Medium 55.5 - 60
Large 58.5 - 63
Tacks 910 Circumference (cm)
Small 52.5 - 57
Medium 55.5 - 60
Large 58.5 - 63
Tacks 710/310 Circumference (cm)
Small 51 - 56
Medium 55 - 59
Large 58.5 - 63
Tacks 210/70 Circumference (cm)
Small 52.5 - 57
Medium 55.5 - 60
Large 58.5 - 63
Tacks 70 YTH Circumference (cm)
Junior 52.5 - 57
Youth 46 - 53.5
CCM 50 Circumference (cm)
X-Small 48 - 53
Small 50.5 - 56
Medium 54.5 - 59
Large 57.5 - 62
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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