CCM XS Slim Replacement Tongue

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Elevate fit and protection with the versatile Xchange System (XS) tongue. Swap in the 4mm black tongue for optimal fit and more volume. Experience 25% less weight and tailored lace-bite protection.
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Your wheels are about to get a major upgrade. CCM is delivering big with a game-changing innovation that will make our Super Tacks AS3 Pro skates the most customizable on the market. Featured on most Super Tacks 2020 models, the new Xchange System (XS) tongue is a replaceable tongue you can switch out to achieve your absolute best fit while elevating your protection. All you need is a skate tongue and a few seconds.

  • 4mm black tongue
  • For additional boot volume
  • 25% lighter than XS tongue regular
  • Molded lace-bite protection
  • Customizable tongue tab
Brand CCM

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