Tydan Blades 4mm DLC Goalie Skate Runner - Bauer Vertexx

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Tydan MobilEDGE 4mm goalie blades are for goalies looking to maximize mobility on their feet and on the ice in their crease.   The wide 4mm edge allows you to increase your hollow which reduces your friction therefore increasing your speed on your feet.  At the same time the wider edge enhances your toe or full blade power pushing by providing more contact area to catch your edge and push.   Combined your MobilEDGE blades with a Cag One, Goalie Sam or other advanced performance profile to further enhance your performance between the pipes.

Tydan MobilEDGE blades are coated with a Diamond-Like-Carbon coating to provide a low friction, hard edge that resists wear.   The additional strength of the edge provides 4-6X the edge life as stainless steel blades. 

A harder edge is important to goalies due to the impacts that occur to blades in the crease.  The additional edge strength improves confidence in your edges regardless of the impacts that occur during the game.  Edge damage is unavoidable in the crease.  The MobileEDGE provides you the maximum EDGE strength available to resist damage from impact.   This retained edge enables maximum agility, mobility & stability until the buzzer goes.

The harder edge is also helpful for extending sharpening intervals which saves sharpening costs, time and reduces the impact on your blade profile.

Stand up to the posts
When you hit the post you need the confidence that your edge is strong and able to stand up to the tough demands of the crease. Tydan's DIAMONDEDGE Diamond like carbon blades offer 4 - 6 times the edge strength of stock stainless steel.

Better attack angle
Our increased blade height over stock blades increases your angle of attack allowing for better movement while in your butterfly. This increased attack angle allows you to grab an edge better than traditional stock blades

Durable edge
Our DIAMONDEDGE Diamond Like Carbon blades provide 4-6 times the edge strength vs a standard stainless steel blade. This allows for more time between sharpening and more confidence you have the edge.

Increased height
Especially for youth goalies the extra height of Tydan goalie blades over stock blades provides a welcomed increase in shoulder coverage of the net.

*Fits in to the original Vertexx Holder


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