CCM Puck Bag

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Whether you're a player, coach, or team manager, the CCM Puck Bag is an essential accessory for any hockey enthusiast looking to keep their equipment organized and in top condition.
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  • Durable Construction: Designed with high-quality materials, the CCM Puck Bag ensures durability to withstand the rigors of hockey practice and games.
  • Ample Capacity: With its spacious interior, this puck bag can hold a significant number of hockey pucks, allowing you to carry an adequate supply for training sessions or games.
  • Easy Transportation: Featuring a convenient carry handle, the CCM Puck Bag allows for easy transport to and from the rink, ensuring that your pucks are always within reach when you need them.
  • Organization: Keep your hockey pucks neatly organized and prevent them from rolling around in your equipment bag with the CCM Puck Bag's dedicated storage solution.
  • Fits 65 pucks
Brand CCM

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