True Catalyst 9X Int. Hockey Stick

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This year's novelty for True 2021 is the Catalyst 9X Stick. With its new yellow-black design, this stick stands out out more compared to before. With the new BAT design, it will give you as a player an incomparable control and precision.
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New for 2021, True has taken their already existing technology in their popular XC9 and improved them in all areas. With a completely new design and improved technology, the Catalyst 9X looks to be True's best club to date.

The color of the Catalyst 9X is new for True this year. With a new elegant black and yellow color, mixed with a consistent design, Catalyst wants to give you a fantastic design along with its trusted quality. Along with the new look, the Catalyst 9X will have a soft glossy shaft with a matte blade. The shaft becomes a square corner with a double concave shaft. With the kick point, the Catalyst 9X has an improved mid-flex. This allows maximum energy charging for simple force and a rigid conical zone to maximize control. For the design of the new Catalyst 9X, True has designed this club for strength. With PLD technology that optimizes 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, the Catalyst 9X is designed with an advanced laminate construction to reduce the overall weight without affecting durability. With optimized fiber angles, it provides both improved stiffness and impact strength over the XC9. Using their Axenic technology, this is a real one-piece club that results in superior control and feel of the puck. This whole package results in a club that is very light with 372 grams. With True's new BAT technology, Catalyst 9X wants to give players unmatched accuracy and control. The BAT technology provides greater blade consistency and vibration-damping properties on shocks and contains light braided aramid sleeves from the heel to the blade toe for an overall softer feel with superior accuracy. Together with the BAT technology, True also uses its new PASS technology. The Performance Advanced Strengthening System used in Catalyst 9X enables a strong, less rigid blade that prevents premature foaming from breaking down which tends to happen in the blade. It has a 25% increase in strength compared to the already historic XCORE technology. Compared to the Catalyst 7X, the 9X will contain higher quality materials throughout the shaft and blade.

With huge improvements in the blade, an updated flex profile and an overall increase in durability, the True Catalyst 9X is their most advanced to date! If you are an elite level hockey player looking for a light but strong club, check out True Catalyst 9X.
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