Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Int. Shoulder Pads

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The new top protection in Supreme does not disappoint anyone this time either. With an excellent fit so the protection will be extremely good while you are well protected during training as a match.
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Maximum mobility - excellent protection
The shoulder protection Supreme Ultrasonic is our top protection in the supreme family and gives you as a player a combination of both mobility and protection. The AMP technology found in the shoulder cover and the split biceps construction enables compliance in training and match situations, which in turn helps you to move freely with maximum mobility out on the ice - regardless of the situation.

Improved impact and cutting protection
The Ultrasonic shoulder protection is designed with ADAPTIV Skin and VENT ARMOUR which is our latest protection system. The material gives you as a player an optimal fit to the body for optimal mobility. The shoulder protection offers several layers of protection to reduce against collisions, blows and cuts, in addition, the protection is extended at the rib section compared to before.

Superior Performance
In the shoulder protection from Ultrasonic, you can feel safe and protected - without having to compromise on mobility during training and matches.

Stay dry
The Supreme Ultrasonic shoulder cover contains a lining that is equipped with a THERMO CORE inner lining. The lining is treated with an antimicrobial agent that is bactericidal, at the same time as it is sweat-repellent and prevents a welcome odor to keep the shoulder pad both fresh and dry for longer periods out on the ice.

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