CCM Extreme Flex Shield E2.9 Int. Goalie Pants

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    Brand new for 2018, CCM has overhauled their ExtremeFlex Shield line and brought out the CCM ExtremeFlex Shield E2.9 Intermediate Goalie Pants. Building off of the already successful design, the ExtremeFlex Shield E2.9 has new shapes and technology sure to turn heads.

    Shield E2.9 Intermediate pants are built off of the successful Premier R1.9 pant, but feature a new waist to provide a tighter fit. Starting at the top, the spine of the pant is made of molded HD foams which come up a bit higher on the back, which is meant to butt up right against the backplate of the chest protector.

    The waist features segmented PE foams with strategic cuts to angle up the waist and sit tighter against the body. Most goalies who do not tuck their chest protector will appreciate this new design. Right at the waist, the Shield E2.9 Intermediate pant will feature a 1 inch zipper extension. When the zipper is undone, the entire length of the pant will extend 1 full inch to provide extra length if desired.

    At the hip, there is a similar design to the Premier R1.9 pant which features 3 segmented pieces with added HD protection to provide against shots sneaking in to the hip. Moving down through the groin and hip, there will be molded plastic and PE foams with to provide the butterfly goaltender great protection.

    Finally, the Shield E2.9 pants come with an internal belt for goalies that have a thinner waist and want a very tight fit to their body. While the top portion of the pant is already tapered, goalies can still crank the belt tight to their body and still let the hip padding sit a little wider off of their body.

    If you are an Intermediate-level butterfly goaltender who is looking for a mobile and lightweight pair of pants with a tapered waist, look no further than the CCM ExtremeFlex Shield E2.9 Intermediate Goalie Pants.

    Brand CCM
    Size guide

    Sizing guidelines: The sizing of these pants are based off of the goaltenders waist size. Sizes may vary depending on if the goaltender tucks their chest protector or not. Buying a larger size than needed may result in a long pant length and might cause restrictions in movement. If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing goalie pants, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

          CCM Goalie Pant Sizing Chart
    Senior Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
    Small 28 - 32" 71 - 81cm
    Medium 32 - 36" 81 - 92cm
    Large 34 - 38" 86 - 97cm
    X-Large 38 - 42" 97 - 107cm
    Intermediate Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
    Small 27 - 29" 69 - 74cm
    Medium 28 - 30" 71 - 76cm
    Large 29 - 31" 74 - 79cm
    Junior Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
    Small 22 - 24" 56 - 61cm
    Medium 23 - 25" 59 - 64cm
    Large 24 - 27" 61 - 69cm
    Youth Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm)
    Small/Medium 18 - 20" 48 - 51cm
    Large/X-Large 20 - 22" 51 - 56cm
    Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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