Bauer Vapor X2.7 Sr. Hockey Skates

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    Built with the new Comfort Flex System the Vapor X2.7 Hockey Skates, feature great comfort as soon as you put your foot into the skates, increased visual aesthetics, and additional flex within the boot. The one-piece 3-D Polycarb quarter construction provides players with added comfort and flex, helping the boot form to the natural shape of players’ feet.

    The tongue is constructed of Bauer’s two-piece 40-ounce tongue with injected metatarsal guards. This setup provides players with a highly comfortable and protective fit and feel!

    Moving to the interior of the Vapor X2.7 Hockey Skates, they feature a microfiber liner. This liner is specifically designed to keep players feet dry and comfortable by working to wick away moisture. Paired with this liner are the memory foam pads within the ankles of the boot. This foam delivers premium thermoformability, great comfort and durability, and an improved fit!

    The lower half of the Vapor X2.7 Hockey Skates feature Bauer’s tried-and-true LightSpeed EDGE holders. These holders are three millimeters taller than older model LightSpeed holders allowing players to get lower on their turns. Paired with the LightSpeed EDGE holders are stainless steel runners. These runners offer improved longevity on skate sharpenings thanks to the material.

    With the additions of the Comfort Flex system, and the one-piece Polycarb quarter package, every element of the Bauer Vapor X2.7 Senior Ice Hockey Skates offers high-end performance and a quality feel every time you put them on your feet!

    Brand BAUER
    Size guide

    Sizing Guidelines: When you receive your skates, try them on and push your foot forward so that your toes (while flat) barely glance the toe cap. Bend your knee forward and look behind the heel of your foot down the skate. If you can fit a finger behind the heel easily, the skates are too big. A fingertip should be securely wedged between the heel of your foot and the back side of the skate. While all players might have their own preference for fit, hockey skates should be 1 ½ sizes down from your shoe size. For most players this will be close to the proper fit. For example, if you are a US Men's shoe size 9, you would want to go with a skate size 7.5.

    Fit 1: Low volume/Narrow
    Fit 2: Medium volume/Medium width
    Fit 3: High volume/Wide width

    Bauer Senior Skate Sizing Chart
    Skate Size EU Shoe Size Measurement (cm)
    7 42 26
    7.5 42.5 26.4
    8 43 26.8
    8.5 44 27.2
    9 44.5 27.7
    9.5 45 28.1
    10 45.5 28.5
    10.5 46 28.9
    11 47 29.4
    11.5 47.5 29.8
    12 48 30.2
    Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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