Warrior Ritual GT2 Sr. Goalie Leg Pads

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Brand new for 2019, Warrior Goalie is proud to introduce the 2nd generation of the Ritual GT line and showcase the Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Goalie Leg Pad. The Ritual GT2 Senior is designed for today’s goaltender that is looking for a solid pad, encompassed with elastic and Velcro strapping all with strategic and hybrid flex throughout.

Starting with the graphic, Warrior has reshaped the graphic to create a long, clean and sleek visual to make the goaltender look taller.

Accompanying the last color zone on the face of the pad, there are three knee rolls running horizontally across the pad which aid in the overall look that today’s hybrid goalie prefers. Traditionally, knee rolls were designed to provide extra torsion and flex in the pad, but the Ritual GT2 Senior has strategic cuts within the internal core which now provides all of that flex, above the knee section.

For the internal core, there are two breaks above and below the knee which provide a curved shape to help close the five hole when in the butterfly. Externally, there is one break below the knee to further provide a soft flex. Not only is there an external boot taper, but there are specific internal angled cuts in the core to let the pad flex vertically and allow for the pad to move with the goaltenders foot allowing for easy movements around the crease and when dropping into the butterfly. Keeping in sync with the GT predecessor, the GT2 Senior features a standard outer roll which helps keep the hybrid look, however it does provide extra stopping power and surface area so low angle shots do not skip over the pad.

Despite the traditional look of the face of the pad, the back of the pad features Warrior’s key leg channel designs which makes the pad rotate with ease. The 360 active drop leg channel features plush foams between the back of the pad and the goaltenders shin to promote a seamless rotation without any rough materials to grab against the goaltenders leg. The inner and outer calf wrap are now built to match that of the Ritual G4 line, where the calf strap is now fully adjustable and the calf wraps are laced in to move and flow with the goaltenders leg in all movements.

At the knee, Warrior has extended the length of the knee block to be longer than the original GT but slightly shorter than that of the G4 line. This knee block length is specifically designed to create the optimal seal on the ice, but not clip into each other when the goalie is in their stance or moving around the crease.

Continuing on the knee design, Warrior has kept a traditional looking sliding surface for today’s hybrid goaltender. However, the internal materials used in the knee wing are made of HD foams which create a solid sliding surface.

Finishing off the pad, the boot section continues with Warrior’s bindingless design which provides unmatched durability at the toe. For the strapping, Warrior continues their design of all removal and adjustable elastic toe and boot straps. The boot strap can be adjusted to run under the skate, positioned to run behind the heel or removed entirely. Stock, the GT2 Senior will have skate lace but the elastic toe strap can be attached based on the goaltenders preference.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender looking for a traditional feeling pad, with all of Warrior Goalie’s technology and designs, the Warrior Ritual GT2 Senior Goalie Leg Pad is for you.

Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: Measure the distance from the floor (bare foot) to the middle of the knee cap, straight up, knee slightly bent. If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing leg pads, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

Warrior Goalie Leg Pads Sizing Chart
Size Floor to knee (inches) Floor to knee(cm)
19" 12.75 32.4
21" 12.75 - 13.75 32.5 - 34.9
23" 13.75 - 14.75 35 - 37.5
24" 14.75 - 15.75 37.6 - 40
26" 15.75 - 16.75 40.1 - 42.5
28" 16.75 - 17.75 42.6 - 45.1
30" 17.75 - 18.25 45.2 - 46.3
31" 18.25 - 18.75 46.4 - 47.6
32" 18.75 - 19.25 47.7 - 48.9
33" 19.25 - 19.75 49 - 50.2
34" 19.75 - 20.25 50.3 - 51.4
35" 20.25 - 20.75 51.5 - 52.7
36" 20.75 - 21.25 52.8 - 54
37" 21.25 - 21.75 54.1 - 55.2
38" 21.75 + 55.3 +
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.



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