CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Int. Goalie Leg Pads

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E5.9 offers new technologies to take the popular Extreme Flex line to a new level. The new the design of the knee rollers provides more stability as well as more controlled returns and the SpeedSkin material gives you better glide along the ice. If you are a committed goalkeeper who is looking for a flexible and compliant protection, check out E5.9.
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New for 2021, CCM continues to push for innovation and design with the latest addition to the Extreme Flex series. This brand new line brings together key revisions and new technologies to take the Extreme Flex you know and love to the next level.

The graphics for E5.9, CCM has aimed to provide a wide range of variations in the entire graphics with intersecting zones strategically placed to achieve unique designs that are both simple and complex. Like the A1.9 line, the E5.9 includes special zones with all the new UV-printed zones in the upper inner zone and the lower outer zone. These zones allow the cushion to be visually raised by adding the little extra spice. CCM's brand new shaped knee roll design designed to create stability through the knee area and at the same time achieve controllable returns around the knee area of the cushion. The cast knee roll goes hand in hand with the cushion's visual design, which gives the goalkeeper the opportunity to integrate or break the motif. Throughout E5.9, you will find CCM's "SpeedSkin" stamped materials that create a new level of style and function. CCM E5.9 has Dual1teCore technology that promotes rotation to maximize movement on the goalkeeper's feet and works with the stiff thigh elevation to create a better and more consistent seal on the ice. The surface has traditional high-density foam that helps to dampen returns. The knee is designed with a 3D Grip / PE foam with raised inner edge stabilizers for excellent sealing and maximum shock absorption.

If you are a goalkeeper looking for a high-performance, lightweight and responsive leg protection, the CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 is the perfect choice for you.
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Size guide

Sizing Guidelines: Measure the distance from the floor (bare foot) to the middle of the knee cap, straight up, knee slightly bent. If you want more in-depth advice on selecting and sizing leg pads, please contact our customer support for personalized guidance.

CCM Goalie Leg Pads Sizing Chart
Size Floor to knee (inches) Floor to knee (cm)
20" 13 33
21" 13 - 13.5 33 - 34.3
22" 13.5 - 14 34.3 - 35.6
23" 14 - 14.5 35.6 - 36.8
24" 15 - 15.5 38.1 - 39.4
26" 15.5 - 16 39.4 - 40.6
28" 16 - 16.5 40.6 - 41.9
29" 16.5 - 17 41.9 - 43.2
30" 17 - 17.5 43.2 - 44.5
31" 17.5 - 18.5 44.5 - 47
32" 18.5 - 19.5 47 - 49.5
33" 19.5 - 20.5 49.5 - 52.1
34" 20.5 - 21.5 52.1 - 54.6
35" 21.5 - 22.5 54.6 - 57.2
36" 22.5 - 23.5 57.2 - 59.7
37" 23.5 - 24.5 59.7 - 62.2
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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