Bauer Nexus Sync Int. Hockey Stick

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Bauer Nexus Sync Hockey Stick - Elevate Your Performance Take your game to the next level with the Bauer Nexus Sync hockey stick. The 5-sided ER SPINETECH shaft delivers ultimate control and energy transfer. Experience pinpoint precision in your shots and passes with the Mid-Kick flex and advanced ACL 2.0 shaft. Achieve unparalleled feel and stability with CONNECTECH. Unleash your full potential with the Bauer Nexus Sync.
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New for 2022, Bauer is changing the game with its new Nexus hockey stick. The Nexus line takes shots, passes and club handling to a new level.

Bauer sticks with their amazing ER SPINETECH, a 5-sided shaft geometry that allows for less carbon fiber stock in the key area. The 5-sided shape provides a unique feel that follows the player's hands for maximum feel and control. It also creates a faster energy transfer to the blade. Combine that with the optimized Mid-Kick flex profile that makes it easier to lean into your shots. The shaft of the Bauer Nexus Sync has Bauer's ACL 2.0 shaft technology. This is an ultralight carbon fiber material that is strategically layered to dramatically reduce weight while increasing shaft strength and durability. Paired with this is the new CONNECTECH technology, which is a sensitive rubber layer, from shaft to blade. The Nexus Sync has also been designed using Bauer's exclusive one-piece casting process that provides ultimate balance and control. Down in the blade of the Nexus Sync, Bauer has extended its CONNECTECH in the blade which gives the blade a responsive layer that not only adds stability, but it gives the player maximum feel in the blade allowing for ultimate control.

If you're an elite level player looking for a club that gives you unmatched connection to your hands and maximum control, check out the Bauer Nexus Sync.

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