CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Sr. Hockey Pants

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Enhance Your Game with CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Pants Prioritizing protection, CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Pants have consistently topped the charts. This season is no exception. The new ASD construction takes protection to the next level, ensuring you have the best possible protection while maintaining optimal comfort. Invest in CCM Tacks AS-V Pro
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New for 2022, CCM renews its Tacks protection line. With the support of science, the Tacks protection has been tested and validated in the well-known CCM lab to ensure quality and functionality. With updates in design, protection and comfort aspects, CCM Tacks AS-V Pro are designed to offer maximum protection while improving mobility.

The construction of Tacks AS-V Pro has a new anatomical design with maximum coverage. ASD puts protection first, provides ultra-comfort and an adaptable fit. ASD is designed to offer the highest quality protection. Together with a Flexmotion technology for the best fit and comfort in this classic fit. The kidney areas on Tacks AS-V Pro are also well protected thanks to molded PE covers. These covers provide shock protection at an elite level, and a sublimated comfort lining provides maximum comfort for the player. At the back of the Tacks AS-V Pro, players will find an exposed HD foam back cover with D30 Aero smart material. This backbone protection powered by the D30 Aero offers a reliable shield at the elite level while the redesigned Flexmotion enclosure leaves no gaps. This seamless transition keeps the hip and back cushions connected for optimal comfort. The smart D30 material will spread the impact in this very sensitive area and keep players protected in all situations. Just below the backrest, on both sides, you will find JDP hip covers with D30 Aero. This professional hip construction with D30 Aero smart material spreads the impact force away from the hip joints while the unique segmented Flexmotion hip pad increases mobility. The thighs have liquid cast HD foam with PE foam. This combination gives players protection at a professional level and great mobility as well, thanks to the fluid aspect. The Tacks AS-V Pro shell is professional with premium 400D nylon with high-wear-resistant side panels. A new feature is a professional cut - 1 ”length at the back of the legs and relocated inner zipper to reduce friction, for generally improved durability. Tacks AS-V Pro has an integrated belt with a stabilized stomach cushion and 1-inch pull-out zipper. The adjustable built-in belt locks the trousers in place, while the protective belly cushion provides more coverage and stays where it should. There is also a practical hidden +1 ”extension that is perfect for longer players.

If you are an elite level player looking for the perfect balance between comfort, protection and adaptability, check out CCM Tacks AS-V Pro!
Brand CCM
Size guide
CCM Hockey Pant/Girdle Sizing Chart
Senior Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 29 - 32 74 - 82 5'2 - 5'6 157 - 168
Medium 31 - 35 79 - 89 5'6 - 5'10 168 - 178
Large 34 - 39 86 - 99 5'10 - 6'2 178 - 188
X-Large 37 - 42 95 - 107 6'0" + 183 +
Junior Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 23 - 25 58 - 64 4'2 - 4'6 127 - 137
Medium 24.5 - 28 62 - 72 4'6 - 4'10 137 - 147
Large 27 - 31 69 - 79 4'10 - 5'2 147 - 157
X-Large 27 - 29 69 - 74 5'4 - 5'7 163 - 170
Youth Waist Size (inches) Waist Size (cm) Height (inches) Height (cm)
Small 20 - 21.5 51 - 55 3'4 - 3'7 102 - 109
Medium 21 - 22.5 53 - 57 3'7 - 3'10 109 - 117
Large 22 - 23.5 56 - 60 3'10 - 4'2 117 - 127
Please note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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