True One-Piece Sr. Custom Goalie Skates

Item code: 1500003916
Now, you can craft your exclusive pair, available for order directly from our store. Take control of every detail and customize the skates to match your personal preferences. Visit us today to order your tailored pair and elevate your goalie game to new heights.

True Hockey is known for their unique 3D scan process for an exact dialed in fit, however we have taken the best features of their skates and created a stock Two-Piece goalie skate for today’s butterfly style goalie.

Starting with the outside of the skate, these True Stock Two-Piece Senior Goalie Skates were designed with a patented carbon fiber, monocoque design which provides more direct power transfer and unmatched control while in stride or in tight turns. Coupling this powerful design is True’s Toe Cap which is dramatically reinforced for ultimate comfort and protection against pucks.

On top of the foot, players will find an adjustable felt tongue which gives a great amount of comfort yet provides multiple opportunities to adjust the tongue against the foot. This customization can help create more stability or more forward lean depending on how high the tongue comes up the foot.

If you are an Elite-Level goaltender, looking for a custom-like dialed in fit; the True Stock Two-Piece Pro Senior Goalie Skate is for you.

Brand True Sports

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